The chairman of the Texas Democrat Party, Gilberto Hinojosa, says election fraud is taking place in South Texas.

This claim is based on a lawsuit filed in Hidalgo County contesting the election for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 1. The certified vote showed Sonia Trevino winning the Democrat primary runoff last month with 4,233 votes, while Ramon Segovia finished second with 4,202 votes.

Segovia is currently challenging the election results, with Hinojosa representing him as his lawyer. The lawsuit makes numerous allegations of voter fraud, including:

– Numerous votes were allegedly cast illegally by individuals registered at an address that was not their residence or was not a residence at all.

– Many voters who cast ballots during early voting and on election day were allegedly assisted in reading or completing the ballot, despite not being eligible for such assistance under the Texas Elections Code.

– Numerous mail-in ballots that were counted should not have been counted due to voters being ineligible to vote by mail, incorrect or mismatching signatures, and mail-in ballots prepared “without direction from the voter.”

The contest argues that “because the number of illegal votes cast exceeds the difference in the total votes cast for the Contestant and those cast for the Contestee, the Court cannot ascertain the true outcome of the election and must declare the election void and order a new election.”

They claim Sonia Trevino “conspired to monitor, influence, and pressure voters to vote for her by unlawfully exploiting the voter assistance laws in the State of Texas.”

Hinojosa’s claims of voter fraud run counter to the talking points of many Texas Democrats. In 2021, Democratic lawmakers in the Texas House fled to Washington D.C. to break quorum in an attempt to thwart election integrity legislation. Meanwhile, the current Texas Democratic Party platform calls for a “universal, no-excuse” vote by mail and the repeal of voter ID laws.

The contest comes as Hinojosa is representing Edinburg city council candidate Gerry Lozano. A judge recently threw out the results of his election after determining that campaign workers known as politiqueras, illegally assisted voters in casting ballots for his opponent.

Brandon Waltens

Brandon serves as the Senior Editor for Texas Scorecard. After managing successful campaigns for top conservative legislators and serving as a Chief of Staff in the Texas Capitol, Brandon moved outside the dome in order to shine a spotlight on conservative victories and establishment corruption in Austin. @bwaltens


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