While the streets of Washington D.C. were filled with attendees of the “Million MAGA March” this weekend, the movement was not limited to the nation’s capital, as citizens cross North Texas rallied for President Donald Trump and expressed their desire for election integrity.

Continuing the rallies and protests sparked last week, citizens rallied this weekend in Fort Worth, Grapevine, and in front of Dallas City Hall to “stop the steal.”

Salon owner-turned-political candidate Shelley Luther, who was jailed earlier this year for opening her salon in defiance of local and state mandates, held a “Courage to Stand with President Trump” rally in McKinney on Sunday.


In Dallas on Saturday, citizens came together in front of city hall and proceeded to march around the city, chanting “Stop the steal!” and “Four more years!”

Unlike the George Floyd protests-turned-riots earlier this summer, this rally was entirely peaceful; no shops were destroyed, and not a single outbreak of violence occurred.

What was destroyed, however, was the false narrative of the elitist media that only whites and racists support Trump and the Republican Party, as citizens of all colors congregated together in support of President Trump and election integrity.

In front of city hall, citizens heard from speakers such as State Sen. Bob Hall (R–Edgewood), conservative commentator Dana Loesch, and Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West.

Hall also spoke at Luther’s rally, in support of her run for state senate in District 30 against State Rep. Drew Springer (R–Muenster).

“The duty we have is to stop the steal, count all legal votes, drain the swamp, and keep America great,” Hall said on Saturday.

Loesch led citizens in the demand to “audit the vote.”

“The legacy media are going to conflate a man with an issue,” Loesch said. “We are also concerned about the integrity of our vote. There has been blood paid for the integrity of our vote.”

“Be happy warriors,” she encouraged citizens.

“We are going to fight. We are in a battle,” West said, to cheers from citizens. “And right now, since we’re in a battle, we need an army.”

He then led all present to swear allegiance to defend the U.S. Constitution.


While citizens marched in Dallas, those at Luther’s Trump rally in McKinney rocked out. The rally featured speakers like Luther, Pastor Stephen Borden, Dr. Ivette Lozano, and former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi.

It ended with rock band The Velcro Pygmies leading everyone in singing classic 80s rock songs, while lead singer Cameron promoted freedom and shared how government-mandated shutdowns have hurt the band.

“Some of the politicians that we have right now, I see [them] on social media saying we need to pray for our new ‘President Biden,’” Luther said as the room filled with boos. “Let me just tell you: If it looks like a RINO [Republican in Name Only], if it smells like a RINO, if it walks like and it lies like a RINO, what is it!?”

“A RINO!” the crowd shouted back.

“We need to get them out of office,” Luther declared.

“We’re here today because we want fighters. We want fighters in office,” said former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi. “We want people fighting for our values, for our American way of life. We want people like Bob Hall. We want people like Shelley Luther. We want people like Donald Trump!”

“We are fighting an ideology, a philosophy that is devoid of the divine,” said Pastor Stephen Broden as he led the crowd in prayer.

Texas Scorecard asked attendees of both the Dallas and McKinney rallies if the Texas Legislature should take action to make Texas’ elections more secure.

Their responses were overwhelmingly in favor of the legislature taking action.

“I came from Cameroon,” said George. “I lived for years in a country where election fraud is the norm, and what I saw that Tuesday is exactly what has been happening there for 30-plus years now.”

“I lived it, I’ve seen it, I’ve run away from it.”

When asked how they’d feel if the Republican-controlled legislature does nothing, citizens gave very strong responses.

“I’ll be in the street,” replied one citizen.

“I say uproot them! Get them out of there,” Jamie Dellanoy exclaimed in agreement.

“They have to do something. It can’t stay like this,” said Rhonda Goldring at the McKinney rally.

“I’m going to be mad because I think a lot of these politicians have forgotten that it’s ‘we the people,’ and they think it’s ‘we the government,’” replied Chastaney Jones at the Dallas rally. “These Republicans need to understand that they just don’t own our vote. We are not going to play the Democratic game of ‘they don’t have to do anything to get our vote.’”

When asked about election integrity, Luther made her position very clear to Texas Scorecard.

“I will absolutely fight for 100 percent election integrity because we need that,” she said. “It starts from the bottom and goes all the way up to President Trump.”

“Even in the school district fights, we have to have election integrity,” she continued.

For the establishment media and political class fighting against election integrity reform and a proper audit of November’s general election results, citizens’ responses could be best summed up in one of the songs belted out at Luther’s rally: “Welcome to the jungle.”

Citizens concerned about election integrity in Texas may contact their elected state representative and state senator.

If citizens have encountered or witnessed any election issues, they may call election integrity organization Direct Action Texas: 877-267-VOTE.

The Texas GOP hotline for election issues is 855-433-1663.

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.