The Right Man - Texas Scorecard

One of the taxpayers’ best friends in the Texas Legislature is Bill Zedler, R-Arlington. And that means the grow-government crowd has painted a target on his forehead.

Zedler is a staunch defender of conservative ideals, but especially prudent fiscal policy, taxpayer protection, and budget reform. He was one of only four members of the Texas Legislature to score a perfect 100 percent rating on the TFR Index. He unabashedly stands up for all taxpayers in his Metroplex district, and across Texas. Â

Mr. Zedler is facing a tough re-election cycle, being challenged in both the primary and general elections.

We need to keep this right-thinking leader in Austin. I hope you’ll visit his website, tell your friends about him, and contribute your time, resources and talent to keeping him in office.

Texas’ taxpayers need Bill Zedler in the Legislature.