As Williamson County voters in Leander and Round Rock ISDs head to the polls this Tuesday, some may want to pay attention to their famously “weird” neighbor to the south.

At this past weekend’s Texas Book Festival in Austin, which was founded by liberal Republican Laura Bush in 1995, a woman was walking around in support of allegedly “book-loving” candidates for the respective suburban school boards.

The sign reflected a political strategy used by the left to downplay the obscene materials that have been found repeatedly in government schools around the state.

In case there was any doubt about the radical intent, a transgender patch on the woman’s T-shirt confirmed her affiliation.

This is the latest development in a saga that has continued for nearly two years, as parents fight everything from transgender bathroom policies to a superintendent accused of domestic violence to a school board majority accused of protecting the districts’ image over their students.

Texas Scorecard has chronicled multiple scandals involving Round Rock ISD in a special report and a podcast series, Exposed, including investigations into the school board’s rushed hiring of Superintendent Hafedh Azaiez.

Five trustees—Amy Weir, Jun Xiao, Amber Feller, Cory Vessa, and Tiffanie Harrison—whom parents dubbed the “Bad Faith Five” voted to hire Azaiez despite the objections of trustees Weston, Bone, and local parents. The five allegedly covered up domestic violence allegations against Azaiez, and they continue to protect him through ongoing criminal investigations.

Incumbent board member Tiffanie Harrison, whose record also includes moderating a discussion on “How to Be an Antiracist” by leading critical race theory proponent Ibram X. Kendi, is facing Don Zimmerman in the November election.  Just last week, Harrison’s campaign manager threatened to assault voters with whom she disagreed.

Election Day is Tuesday. November 8.

Adam Cahn

Adam is a longtime conservative activist and an avid UT and Yankees fan.