Texas Children’s Hospital is again under fire for performing gender mutilation procedures on minors.

A whistleblower from the Houston hospital came forward in a new report from investigative reporter Christopher Rufo and condemned the institution for “ruining” gender-confused children.

Rufo recently shared internal records from TCH revealing that the institution resumed performing child gender mutilation procedures only three days after announcing that they would halt the practice.

The hospital claimed they were halting these procedures last March after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a legal opinion saying the medical treatments—including providing minors with sterilizing cross-sex hormones and surgically removing their healthy body parts—classify as child abuse.

Despite this announcement, hospital records show that TCH and its partner, Baylor College of Medicine, allowed Dr. Richard Ogden Roberts to manage patients aged 12 to 17 years old diagnosed with gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder this month, including one case where a child was given hormone replacement therapy options. Case notes report that the child’s family was “dissatisfied with progress after over two years.”

After Rufo released the records, Paxton launched an investigation into TCH.

The whistleblower—who said they work “very closely” with Roberts—reported that many of his patients have pre-existing medical conditions.

“And it is absolutely astonishing: so many of the charts that I have just perused and read through as I’m doing my work, they have serious mental health issues. They’re autistic. They have previous suicide attempts. They’re depressed. They’re on anxiety medications. They have a disability of some kind. It’s just absolutely wild.”

The individual said Roberts routinely prescribes cross-sex hormones to minors and has referred his female patients for double mastectomies.

It’s just really sad. They’re looking for affirmation. They’re seeking the validation and approval of the adults that are in their lives. They’re insecure. This is just from my interactions with these patients.

TCH allows minor patients to present as the opposite sex and pick new names and pronouns to match.

“They’ve changed the names of the kid to what the kid wants to be referred to as, so you have to dig a little bit to discover, ‘Oh, this is actually a female who is actually named whatever and not ‘Anthony,'” said the whistleblower.

The whistleblower expressed concerns that TCH allows gender-confused minors to dictate their medical care.

Dr. Roberts is extremely encouraging of their transition and will essentially do whatever he can to make sure that they are happy, at least externally happy, because I’m absolutely certain that they’re not internally happy. He’s very accommodating. He does whatever they want. Essentially, there’s no critical analysis of the process.

According to the whistleblower, doctors at TCH are more concerned with advancing radical ideologies than providing medical care.

“These doctors are activists, and they live for the applause of the medical community that praises and glorifies this up-and-coming success that has absolutely exploded, this transgender wing of medicine that has exploded over the last ten years,” said the whistleblower.

And I do think that they think that they’re changing the world by what they’re doing. For better or worse, I think they believe that they’re making their mark on history, and they’re wanting to play God.

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.