A Texas lawmaker and two Dallas city council members were among those in attendance at a recent “all-ages” drag show at BuzzBrews Bar in Dallas.

The event highlighted crossdressing men clad in lingerie with faux breasts hanging out of their low-rise tops.

Dozens of citizens—both protestors and supporters—stood outside the venue. The supporters of the event waved signs that read “love is love,” “fascists go home,” “protect drag from fascists,” and “drag is NOT inherently sexual, you’re the one harming kids.”

Other drag queens were among the crowd of supporters, and multiple parents brought their children to stand outside the bar with them and hold signs in support of the event.

Meanwhile, armed antifa members stood out front, guarding the supporters.

One event protestor held a sign that said “18+ Groom dogs, not kids.” The protestor yelled, “I accept you, and I accept you,” pointing to those across the street, “but leave the children out of this.”

Among those attending the event inside the restaurant was a mother with her two children.

Following the event, a reporter asked the mother why she believes children belong in drag shows. “I don’t necessarily think they belong in drag shows,” the mother responded, “but it’s parents’ choice to take them or not.”

“We already pre-warned them about the foul language and dirty jokes,” the mother said of her children, “and they said that they hear that at home, so it’s no different.”

During the event, the performers were constantly handed cash, and one performer even motioned for an audience member to stick the cash between his fake breasts.

Another performer proceeded to make a toast with the audience: “Here’s to you and here’s to me, and here’s to those who lick us where we pee; now here’s to me and here’s to you, and here’s to those who lick us where we poo.” The toast was followed by extensive cheering and applause.

The same performer then alluded to oral sex, saying, “I am that b*tch that will just shove it in my face.” He then continued to explain how dirty his face looks after he has performed the sexual action.

He then said in regards to the protestors, “If you don’t want to come and don’t want your children to see it, then don’t come and don’t let your children see it.”

Once again, the room broke into applause.

Chris Hopper, the president of Texas Family Project, said, “If you think it is appropriate for grown men to talk to small children about being licked where they pee and poop from, you would have [felt] right at home with BuzzBrews’ show this past weekend. There has been a disconnect as of late in our society, and a small fraction of our culture thinks that grown men sexualizing children is not obscene or abusive.”

“We hear the argument for parental rights on this issue,” Hopper explained, “but the left is inconsistent. We don’t allow parents to publicly injure their children, we don’t allow parents to sexually abuse their children, and we don’t allow parents to take their children to strip clubs.”

During the event, the three politicians present gave speeches in support of drag shows. State Rep. Venton Jones (D–Dallas) and Dallas City Councilmembers Jesse Moreno (District 2) and Paul Ridley (District 14) all proclaimed their support for the LGBT community.

The Post Millennial‘s editor-in-chief, Libby Emmons, said, “It’s a bit sick hearing these lawmakers praise the ‘all-ages’ drag show where performers toast the people who ‘lick us where we pee.’”

Councilman Moreno said in his speech, “My colleagues and I are here in support, as an ally, to support the LGBTQ community. I’m here because I believe in basic human rights. There is no place for hate in the city of Dallas. And those that are in support greatly outnumber our protestors today.”

“I will not tolerate bullyness for anyone in the city of Dallas,” Moreno continued.

“You’re making a statement, by your presence here today, that hate is going to be banished from the city of Dallas,” said Councilman Ridley. “This is an event that is so important, and I’m so proud it’s being held in District 14, because you’re standing up for your rights and what you want to do with your lives.”

According to State Rep. Jones’ speech, more than five “anti-LGBTQ” amendments have been put forth in the Texas Legislature.

He then said, “We focus these next 140 days in the Texas legislative session to keep our eyes tuned in to these laws so that we are not only supportive of the lawmakers on our side, but we are going to the other lawmakers to make sure that our voices are heard.”

Meanwhile, Hopper says Texas Family Project is actively fighting the chaos of “all-ages” drag shows. “We are working with champions in the state House who are positioned to fight on behalf of Texas families. TFP is also on the frontlines, exposing these lewd and obscene events.”

Legislation has been filed to restrict children from entering “all-ages” drag events. Citizens may use Texas Scorecard‘s Elected Officials Directory to contact their elected representatives and ask how they plan to vote on such legislation.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.