Sara Gonzales, the founder of Defend Our Kids Texas, continues to stand up against the sexual abuse of children. This week, Gonzales took the issue to Plano City Hall, calling out council members for allowing disturbing drag events to be hosted for children.

Gonzales reminded those present of the shocking scenes at an “all-ages” drag brunch hosted by a Plano restaurant/bar in October.

Gonzales attended the event and filmed portions of drag queen dances that she released to the public, exposing the perverted indoctrination of Texan children. Gonzales’ video showed scantily clad men gyrating to sexually explicit music in front of children. Parents and other adults present laughed as the children stared in shock at the train wreck unfolding in front of their innocent eyes.

“I watched a little girl, no older than 5 years old, get sexually traumatized as the adults in the room sipped mimosas and laughed,” Gonzales told the council members.

She then explained that sex toys were passed out as a discussion of self-pleasuring began directly in front of this little girl. The child was “force-fed” dollar bills to hand to the obscenely dressed men (which they then shoved into their faux cleavage), exposing her to stripper culture at such an innocent age.

Her videos of the event received millions of views and generated public pressure that forced the restaurant, Ebb & Flow in The Shops at Legacy, to change its drag events to 18+ only.

“There is no such thing as a family-friendly drag show, and exposing young children to this type of sexual deviancy is child abuse,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales advocated for parental rights, saying they “are very important and should be respected” and do not include the right to abuse children in any way.

“We as a society do not tolerate child abuse in any other form, and the sexual exploitation and indoctrination of children is sexual child abuse, which is why we do not allow children into strip clubs or to participate in pornography,” Gonzales asserted.

Adults must be held accountable for this perversion, and the LBTQ+ community is no exception, Gonzales said. They must also be held accountable and given consequences for their participation in this sexual abuse of children.

“Woke-ism cannot rule our cities,” Gonzales said before calling on Plano’s mayor and city council to take responsibility and ensure the protection of children in Plano, Texas.

“Sexually oriented acts have no business being performed in front of anyone younger than 18,” Gonzales clarified. “My organization, Defend Our Kids Texas, will be holding all elected officials accountable to stand up to the woke mob and shut this garbage down. … We have an army of parents who are done standing idly by.”

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.