Currently facing a severe boycott for promoting an LGBTQ+ clothing line targeting children, Target was named a sponsor of Dallas Pride’s June Pride events, which will feature several sexually explicit drag shows targeting children.

According to Dallas Pride’s Facebook announcement, their “Teen Pride” and “Original Pride Festival” will take place on Saturday, June 3, with their Pride Parade taking place the next day.

Several other big-name brands have been labeled as sponsors of the events, including Denny’s, 7 Eleven, Honda, Toyota, Fertility Specialists of Texas, McDonalds, Lockheed Martin, and Nordstrom.

“Woke anti-family companies like Target are doubling down on their terrible decisions,” said Austin Griesinger, policy director for Texas Family Project. “Pro-family Texans need to make this hurt for them. They are actively seeking to indoctrinate and groom children, and it’s horrific.”

Target is currently facing a nationwide boycott, costing the company more than $10 billion, for choosing to partner with an LGBTQ+ satanist to promote an LGBTQ+ line of children’s clothing.

Target’s response to the boycotts was to shrink the LGBTQ+ children’s clothing display and move it to the back of their stores. However, the company has continued to promote LGBTQ+ ideology and work with LGBTQ+ activists, including Dallas Pride, to target children.

Saturday’s event will feature more than 200 bands, drag queens, and vendors.

Dallas’ Teen Pride event will include “The Famous Star-Studded Drag Show” and a panel presentation called “Trust the Process” on gender-confused youth.

The “star-studded” drag show will feature the “Fly Queens,” a group of cross-dressing men including Liquor Mini, Penelope Devereaux, Ava Clear, Mercury Rising-Cox, and Salem Moon. All five men are notorious for their sheer, body-tight, revealing costumes that they wear as they parade across a stage in front of children. Several of these men will be hosting events at the new Hamburger Mary’s Dallas location.

Dallas Pride has labeled this event as a “safe environment for LGBTQ+ youth ages 13 to 19 and their friends.”

Last year, more than 15,000 people attended the Dallas Teen Pride event.

Dallas Pride’s festival will also have a “Family Pride Zone,” which is marketed specifically to children. The zone will have an exotic animal petting zoo, bounce houses, face painting, costumed characters interacting with children, puppeteer Dennis Lee, and gay magician Daryl Howard.

The “Original Pride Festival” will feature several performers, including groups of drag queens.

“Barbie Bank Rose,” one of the cross-dressing men performing for children at the event, tends to don revealing costumes that often expose his “cleavage” and rear end.

Another performer goes by the stage name of “Saint.” Saint prefers satanic-themed costumes for his performances and was deemed the “Runway Demon Queen” of Season 4 of Resurrection.

Aaron Rey is one of the performers from a group of cross-dressers called The Saloon Girls. He is a pole dancer and tends to wear the very revealing costumes that a pole dancer would wear.

Legislation was passed and is set to be signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott to prohibit drag shows from being performed in front of minors. With that soon-to-be law set to go into effect in September, this will be the last “Pride month” where children will be the target of sexually explicit drag shows.

“The anti-family left knows that its days of grooming children with drag shows are coming to an end,” said Griesinger. “Until the new law goes into effect, we are going to witness some of the most egregious instances of ‘kid-friendly’ drag shows to date. It’s disturbing that these types of events are being promoted knowing that this will be illegal in the coming months.”

Soli Rice

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