Season 3 Episode I - Chinese Infiltration of Texas’ Land
It started as whispers and rumors that frontmen for the Chinese Communist Party were buying large swaths of land in Texas. It turns out these purchases, and subsequent use, threaten military security and weaken food production capabilities. This episode explores the dangers posed by the CCP tying up Texas land.


Season 7 Episode 4 - Keep The Money Flowing

Texans for Lawsuit Reform is the state’s most powerful political action committee by any objective measure, a position it’s maintained for years. In this episode of Exposed, we’ll examine TLR’s […]

Season 7, Episode 3 - Stepping Out of the Shadows

Texans for Lawsuit Reform effectively operated in the shadows for years… until they didn’t. In this episode, we’ll track TLR in the shadows, talk to insiders who have been working […]

Season 7 Episode 2 - The Men Behind the Curtain

Who were the men behind the vision to reform Texas courts? In this episode, we’ll learn who they are, their backgrounds, and their roles in the organization that, unbeknownst to […]

Season 7 Episode 1 - A Texas Sized Problem

Who is Texans for Lawsuit Reform and how did they become a powerful force in Texas? In this season of Exposed, we’ll introduce you to TLR, a group that, against […]