Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard
What the Upcoming Exodus from the Texas Legislature Can Tell Us About Corruption

Corruption comes in multiple forms, many of them perfectly legal. This week on Episode 57 of the Liberty Café, we take advantage of the announced departures of many long-time members of the Texas Legislature to examine if years of exposure to institutional corruption has lessened their commitment to liberty.


Episode 153: Texas’ School Choice Fiasco

Last Friday, the Texas House of Representatives killed an effort to bring school choice to Texans. On this week’s Liberty Café, Bill talks about why killing the proposal was actually […]

Centralization of Power in Texas Government

Last week Texans voted to increase state spending by $13.8 billion. This week on the Liberty Cafe, Bill looks at how this will centralize power in Texas government at the […]

11/2/23 RIP: School Choice is Dead in Texas (for now)

-The House kills school choice efforts yet again, despite the push by Gov. Greg Abbott -Lawmakers accuse House Speaker Dade Phelan of violating the constitution -600,000 known ‘Gotaways’ reported at […]