Fear is powerful. Improperly applied, fear can cause us to make irrational choices without thinking. Yet as we find the words of the Book of Proverbs, it can also be the “beginning of wisdom.”

The difference is what we fear. Sticking with Proverbs 9:10 for a moment, “fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”.

A healthy fear, probably understood, is critical to success in all facets of life. Of course, it is very easy to fear the wrong things and that can lead to some very poor outcomes.

We need look no further than politics. I have come to believe that many of the problems in American government arises from the simple fact too many politicians have too little fear of the voters and taxpayers.

Looking specifically at the Texas Legislature, the politicians very clearly fear the lobbyists, bureaucrats, and even their colleagues more than their voters and taxpayers at home.


Founding Fathers

Not. A. Democracy.

Monarchy and democracy are two sides of the same coin upon which tyrannies had been built for eons.