Reflections on Life & Liberty
Reflections on Life & Liberty
Nothing New about Cancel Culture

There is nothing new about cancel culture. The ruling elite have always sought to use their power to silence those who would disrupt the status quo. The methods and scale might be different, but not by much.

Throughout history, tyrants have sought to silence the voices of truth. Weeks after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, His disciples were preaching freedom that threatened the ruling elite of Israel. The Book of Acts notes the rulers were “greatly annoyed” and had the disciples arrested, hoping that would silence them. It didn’t.

And so the arrests turned to beatings, stonings, and, yes, more crucifixions. The ruling elite were annoyed by the message, so they attempted to silence the messengers.



Remembering to be Thankful

Every generation must shrug the vestiges of socialism if we are truly thankful for liberty.


A Republic Worth Serving

On Veterans Day, we should thank those who served… and make sure we are building a republic worth serving.


My Enemy’s Enemy

Feeding an irksome “frenemy” to an alligator in the fray of an internecine fight might feel good, but it ignores that the alligator will next be looking to feed on you.