Abbott Calls for a Special Session
  • When: Thursday, July 8, 2021
  • He has not yet specifically said what will be on the agenda.
  • Based on his previous statements, however, we can make an educated guess.
Ongoing RPT Chairman’s Race
  • There are currently four candidates: former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, David Covey, Chad Willbanks, and Bill Burch.
  • Current State Republican Executive Committee members will choose the next chairman on Sunday, July 11.
Ongoing Disingenuous Narrative by Some Republican Lawmakers
  • Several Republican lawmakers are attempting to blame Democrats for legislative priorities like election integrity not getting across the legislative finish line.
  • That claim is either intentionally disingenuous or politically naive—perhaps both.
  • Both the House & Senate met for less time and delayed considering priorities from the get-go.


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