Special Runoff Election for Texas CD6
  • Election Day is Tuesday, July 27, 2021.
  • Candidates include Republicans Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey.
  • Both candidates boast notable endorsements.
  • Recent polling indicates Wright maintains a double-digit lead, though his lead is smaller than what polling reflected a month ago.
  • The same polling also suggests that Republican voters prefer Wright and Democrat voters prefer Ellzey.
Ongoing First Called Special Legislative Session
  • We are more than halfway through the allotted 30 maximum days to consider Gov. Greg Abbott’s special session agenda items.
  • The Texas Senate has passed all items on the agenda, except the restoration of funding for Article X or the Legislature itself.
  • The Texas House of Representatives remains paralyzed due to a lack of quorum needed to conduct any legislative business. They have been at a standstill for two weeks.
  • Reportedly, more than 90 lawmakers are now present, but it remains unclear whether quorum will be reached before the conclusion of this special session.
  • There are ongoing internal disputes between present lawmakers on what can be done to penalize absent ones.
Conservative Leaders Gala
  • Nominate a citizen-leader for the 2021 Texas Conservative Leader Awards.
  • Purchase tickets for the 2021 Texas Conservative Leader Awards.
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