Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard Radio (May 14, 2020)

Episode 137: This week Robert Montoya tells listeners about a state bureaucracy interfering with doctors trying to treat coronavirus. Jacob Asmussen is back to give us the latest from Central Texas where the City of Austin and Travis County continue to build on their reputation with more tyrannical coronavirus-related orders. Erin Anderson has the latest on Democrat attempts to steal the 2020 elections through mail-in balloting. Syndicated columnist and comedian Tim Young has traveled the country speaking to real Americans about the impact of coronavirus and the economic destruction government officials have created through their response to the pandemic. Tim drops by to recount some of the stories he heard while on his journey. Michael Quinn Sullivan has this week’s Texas Scorecard Radio commentary.


  • Who should make health decisions for patients? A state bureaucracy or the doctors and patients themselves?
  • Has Austin Mayor Steve Adler ever owned a business? Has he ever even been in a business? His actions make it hard to tell.
  • An interesting resignation in light of the mail-in ballot fraud fight.
  • Tales from the fly-over states.
  • Does Texas even need a legislature anymore?
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