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Well folks, do you remember back in
Episode 48 when I talked about how
somebody has to do it? What I was
talking about was the tremendous
pressures you’re under when serving in

the legislature. You’re under the pressure
to conform and comply for the sake of
falling in line and doing as you’re told.
Well somebody has to do it. Somebody
has to step up and step out of line. They
have to take the first step and lead on
whatever issue is at hand. Well folks,
that’s exactly what the Carroll ISD did last
week. They served noticed to the Texas
Association of School Boards that they
would be terminating their membership by
the end of 2023. In a 5-1 vote the Carroll
Independent School District voted to
leave the controversial Texas Association
of Schools Boards, becoming the first in
the state of Texas to do so. They took the
first step and had they had the Courage to
Lead. Yes, somebody had to do it.

After numerous calls from legislators and
citizens, the Carroll ISD made their move,
away from the very left leaning TASB,
which is funded with your tax dollars. Yes,
this organization feeds on your tax dollars
to fund membership fees and services
that include training, legal advice and
insurance to school districts. Now, the
TASB also participates in taxpayer funded
lobbying on behalf of the schools districts
they represent, often times taking
positions that are against the best
interests of students, parents and
taxpayers who are ultimately footing the

Why does any of this matter you may ask.
Well, as a former member of the Bedford
City council, I often times found my self in
situations where peer pressure from
fellow council members was very intense.
It was pressure to conform, to present a
united front to all of the folks in the council
chambers. During budget workshops, the
city would hire a consultant to lead the
workshop where often times said
consultant would single me out as a
means of making me appear to stand
alone because of my position on certain
items. The tactics were a means of
controlling the herd and moving them in
the desired direction. Another moment
comes to mind when I was having a
conversation with a school board member

from the North Texas area. And during
this conversation, the member
emphasized to me the importance that
their board placed on showing a united
front. One of harmony and unity. In other
words, we all need to be singing from the
same song and songbook. No room for
differences of opinions. It wouldn’t look
good. Well, believe me when I tell you,
much of that mentality and attitude is
driven by city managers and
superintendents. Very much like things
operate in the Texas House where
leadership applies pressure in an attempt
to get everyone to conform and stay on
the same page, the page from which they
are working. No room for dissent. The
only problem is, sometimes, everyone

doesn’t conform and that rocks the entire
boat. And when that happens, you’re
usually segregated and isolated.

You may be asking yourself, so why is
Carroll ISD leaving this organization?
Well, back in January, the TASB made a
number of controversial actions. They
advised their members to allow gender
confused students to use restrooms
designated for the opposite sex. They
also sponsored a conference in 2021
promoting Critical Race Theory. And when
Gov. Abbott sent them a letter calling on
them to take action against explicit books
turning up in school libraries all across
Texas, they refused to act. The reason is
because their organization is anti-parent

and anti-taxpayer. They despise the very
people that make it possible for them to
exist. Well, the wise members of the
Carroll ISD have had enough of their
garbage and voted to disassociate with
this radical organization.

Legislators like Senator Mayes Middleton
and Representative Brian Harrison have
also applauded the move by Carroll ISD.
And in fact, Rep Harrison has filed
legislation that would prevent schools
districts from joining organizations that
hire lobbyists such as The Texas
Association of Schools Boards.

Now, the irony in all of this is the TASB is
now threatening to sue any school that

leaves the association. Hmmm, sounds
so familiar to the legislature and other
groups. Do as we command or there will
be a price to pay. Folks, do you see how
the tactics are used to make you conform
to the herd mentality so the facade can be
maintained. Now my dictionary defines
facade as an outward appearance that is
maintained to conceal a less pleasant or
creditable reality. And that’s exactly what’s
happening at all levels of your
government. The legislature, city councils
and in this case, your local school boards.
You see how this all works? Just as our
federal government has developed the
very nasty and illegal habit of
weaponizing government agencies like
the IRS, the DOJ and the FBI against

American citizens, the Texas Association
of School Boards is being used to
manipulate school boards all across
Texas and it’s not for the purpose of
supporting parents and school kids.
They’re using your tax dollars to hire
lobbyists to work against your best
interests. Folks, it’s past time for
someone to stand up and take the first
step to call out this organization for who
they really are. As it has been pointed out
in previous articles, the very same
services provided by the TASB are also
available on the open market and usually
at a better cost. Now, the Carroll ISD is to
be commended and congratulated for
having the Courage to Lead and break
away from this monopolized system. Now,

that only leaves only 1,024 other schools
districts across Texas to stand with Carroll
ISD in support of parents and kids in
restoring the fiscal responsibility that
Texas families richly deserve. After all, it’s
your tax dollars.

And as I’ve stated in prior episodes,
somebody has to make the first move. I
want to encourage each and every one of
you listening to make the same first move
and contact your local school board
members to encourage them in following
Carroll ISD’s lead and disassociate
themselves with the Texas Association of
School Boards. It won’t happen without

There are so many issues facing our
nation right now and there has never
been a more important time in our history
for patriots and every day Americans to
step up and engage in stopping the evils
of progressive policies that are ripping our
country apart. This is our country, the men
and women and children who are legal
citizens. We have to be informed about
the issues before us and we have to be
engaged in the process to take back our
country before it’s too late. I hope you’ll
take that first step and have the courage
to lead.

Well folks, thank you again for listening in
this week. I hope you’ll stay safe and well
and I hope you’ll have a great week. May

God Bless you and may God Bless the
great state of Texas. Until next week……