Abbott’s Former Secretary of State Says No Party Has ‘Monopoly on Good Government’ - Texas Scorecard

A Republican Party of Texas official formerly in charge of Texas’ elections says neither Republicans nor Democrats have “a monopoly on good government,” encouraging voters to consider candidates from both parties in the 2022 general election.

Carlos Cascos, who served as the Cameron County judge from 2007 to 2015, was appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015 to serve as secretary of state, a position he held until 2017. 

Currently, Cascos serves as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, the governing board of the party consisting of one man and one woman from each state Senate district in Texas.

But despite his partisan position, in a recent Facebook post, Cascos took a decidedly neutral tone when it comes to voting for Democrats:

The 2022 general election is less than a year away & there will be numerous contested races on the ballot. With straight ticket voting gone, I encourage & urge all to not only vote, but to scrutinize those on the ballot. Whether Republican, Democrat, Independent or other, everyone must & should earn your vote. Voting for someone simply because they have a R, D, I or other acronym should not be the litmus test for a vote. As I have said many times, neither party has a monopoly on good government. Our votes should not be taken for granted by anyone or any one political party. Vote for those that you believe represent your best interests & will positively further our community in terms of education, health care, public safety, infrastructure & economic opportunities. Every political candidate & race should stand on their own merit, qualifications & commitment to public service.

Texas Scorecard asked Cascos which Democrat candidates he believed were worth supporting, as well as whether he had voted for Democrats in recent elections. As of publishing, Cascos did not respond.