According to a recent report from citizen news page LibsOfTikTok, a teacher at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School—a private school located in Austin—allegedly included hateful rhetoric against people with white skin color in a kindergarten lesson plan.

An image from a concerned parent showed that on March 10, a class was reviewing the basic tenants of critical race theory, the hotly contentious ideology that teaches individuals should be promoted or punished based on the color of their skin.

The day’s lesson plan included points such as “Black people have less and white have more,” “Whites make it harder for black people,” “Whites boss [people of color] around,” and “NY has more freedom to vote than TX.”

Furthermore, the privilege of subjecting your elementary-aged children to this teaching at St. Andrew’s costs $26,870 a year for tuition, plus an additional $4,000 for matriculation. 

It seems the private school is also promoting “trans” ideology, the idea that you can turn into whatever biological sex you feel like.

The concerned parent who originally contacted LibsOfTikTok found a book at St. Andrew’s called “It Feels Good To Be Yourself,” which features an illustration of infants accompanied by the words, “What a baby’s body looks like can be a clue to what the baby’s gender will be, but not always.”

“See, when you were born, you couldn’t tell people who you are or how you felt. They looked at you and made a guess,” the book reads. “Maybe they got it right, maybe they got it wrong.”

LibsOfTikTok reported that parents who confronted the school were dismissed, and those who persisted were labeled “extremists.” One parent asked their child how often they are taught topics like CRT and gender ideology, and the child said “it was every day.”

Citizens for Renewing America’s guide to fighting critical race theory explains that the left propagates hatred against white people by labeling “straight white people (especially men) [as] the oppressors.”

CRA explains that in our nation today, leftists use divisive propaganda that all people with a white skin color “have systematically rigged society for their own benefit: whether the education system, the economic system, or the transportation system, all of society is rigged for the benefit of straight white men.”

Since the COVID lockdowns, parents have seen more of what their children are actually learning in classrooms. In addition to racially divisive CRT education, many instances of in-class grooming have come to light, including in-school pride parades, confidential classroom discussions on sexuality, drag shows, a “Coming Out and Pronouns Day” for middle-schoolers, and pornographic books in libraries.

Concerned citizens can contact local officials and/or elected officials using the Texas Scorecard directory.

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro is an outspoken conservative at Texas A&M who is involved with the Young Conservatives of Texas. He is passionate about exposing the waste, corruption, and RINOs in the Austin swamp.