As the Texas GOP convention draws near, more and more individuals are announcing their intention to run for party office. The latest entrant is Cat Parks, who has announced her candidacy for vice chair of the party.

On her campaign website, Parks summarized her announcement:

“Delegates, I am running for Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. I ask for your support. The extensive accomplishments of my statewide work in the trenches with so many of you have tested and proven the vision, strength, and leadership I bring to the table.


“As I humbly ask for your vote and your prayers, I invite and welcome all Texas Republicans to the table and challenge us to become greater together as we take on the Democrats in November 2020 and beyond.”

The chairman of the Hamilton County GOP, Parks and her husband own Trinity Ranches in Texas and New Mexico, where they breed, raise, and train American Quarter Horses and travel across the United States, teaching horsemanship clinics and seminars. In 2019, Parks was tasked with chairing the party’s Candidate Recruitment Task Force and won the 2020 Steve Munisteri Award for her efforts.

Parks is challenging incumbent Vice Chairman Alma Perez Jackson, a seasoned conservative activist from Bexar County, who was elected to the position in 2018. Since taking the position, Jackson has been a staunch conservative member of the party’s executive committee and an active leader and volunteer across the state. Jackson summed up her record over the past year and intention to seek re-election on Facebook.

“As Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, I have traveled across the state (marked by stars), visiting, speaking, training and promoting our Republican Party Platform. Our platform is our best tool available to us because it promotes the values that the Republican Party embraces. These are values and principles that have made Texas great and prosperous. We live in the greatest country on the face of this earth and if we want to save America, we must save Texas.


“I am seeking a second term as Vice Chairman of the RPT. I would love to continue the job that I started 2 years ago, growing our party and educating on the difference between the two major parties is my only motive for seeking a second term. I am asking for your support.”

Because the race is now contested, Texas Scorecard will now issue a questionnaire to both candidates and publish their unedited responses prior to the Texas GOP convention. Earlier today, we contacted both campaigns and asked them the following 10 questions:

1. What are the qualities of a Texas Republican? Why are you one?


2. Texas has a lot of elected Republican officials. Who do you believe does the best job standing up for the priorities of the Texas GOP? Why?


3. What current Republican official has done the most damage to the Texas GOP brand? Why?


4. While the “Blue Wave” wasn’t successful in taking out Sen. Ted Cruz, a lot of Texas Republicans lost their elections that year. Why did that happen?


5. What does the Texas GOP need to do to win back these seats in 2020?


6. Preceding every Texas GOP convention, there’s controversy over whether or not the Log Cabin Republicans should be allowed to purchase a booth or engage in other activity. What is your position on this issue? Is any reform to the process needed?


7. As Texas grows, so too must the Republican Party. What will you do to increase party involvement from Texas’ growing and changing population?


8. A vocal minority of Republicans has repeatedly attempted to weaken the party’s platform and messaging when it comes to immigration issues. Will you support the party platform and oppose any path to citizenship, legal residency, or other legal status for illegal aliens?


9. What must be done to ensure the Texas GOP’s legislative priorities are implemented by legislators?


10. Texas Republicans control every statewide office and the Texas Legislature. What measures must pass this upcoming session for it to be declared a success?

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the executive director of Texans for Strong Borders, a no-compromise non-profit dedicated to restoring security and sovereignty to the citizens of the Lone Star State. For more information visit