As a nationwide conflict continues over Texas’ new pro-life laws, one out-of-state abortion company claims a new ban won’t stop them from shipping drugs into the state to exterminate Texas children.

At issue are “pill-induced” abortions, where businesses mail women chemicals to kill their pre-born children at home. Common abortion pills disintegrate the child’s connection to his or her mother, then induce heavy bleeding and cramping to expel the dead baby’s body from the womb.

Though it’s already illegal in Texas to mail abortion-inducing drugs within the state, earlier this year, the Texas Legislature approved a new state law (Senate Bill 4) to protect children more than 49 days old from the chemical murder and stop out-of-state manufacturers from shipping the lethal drugs to Texans.

“A manufacturer, supplier, physician, or any other person may not provide to a patient any abortion-inducing drug by courier, delivery, or mail service,” reads SB 4.

The Legislature and Gov. Greg Abbott also signed into law the Texas Heartbeat Act, which makes it illegal in the state to kill a child once the baby’s heartbeat is detected.

However, abortion business AidAccess—whose founder, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, is based in Europe—says otherwise about shipping the drugs into the state.

“[The Heartbeat Act] applies to people who are accessing abortions within Texas, from a physician licensed in Texas, and so you can see the kind of workaround there, that Dr. Gomperts isn’t in the U.S. And so, that’s how AidAccess is going to be able to continue operating,” said Christie Pitney, one of the U.S.-based providers for the company, in a recent local station interview. “Dr. Gomperts and her team see it as a human rights issue … and so she’s going to continue to provide that care to Texas patients even after [Senate Bill] 4 is in place [starting December 2].”

Austin attorney Tony McDonald says the business will likely be able to continue mailing the deadly pills into Texas, despite what’s now written in the law.

“It really comes down to what Texas can control and what it can’t,” McDonald said. “Given that we can’t rely on the Biden administration or foreign governments when it comes to abortion, I think stopping mail or extraditing people is off the table. We could, however, indict the leaders of the company and arrest them if they ever so much as change planes at DFW.”

Senate Bill 4 also does not protect children less than 7 weeks gestational age, allowing provisions for physicians to still use the abortion drugs to kill certain babies. Additionally, the Heartbeat Act is currently tied up in the U.S. Supreme Court and faces an uncertain future.

The Republican-controlled state Legislature could’ve passed several laws earlier this year to protect more children in the womb—including an outright ban of abortion—but rejected the proposals.

Concerned citizens may contact their state representatives, senator, or Gov. Abbott.

Jacob Asmussen

Jacob Asmussen is a Senior Journalist for Texas Scorecard. He attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and in 2017 earned a double major in public relations and piano performance.


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