Educate yourself, educate others, and be joyful.

Those were the three calls to action given by one speaker at a recent conservative event in North Texas, where two doctors spoke about their success in treating the Chinese coronavirus despite the media and many elected officials spouting misinformation.

“I’m watching what’s going on in the mass media, and the distortion of the facts is so … [there are] really no words,” Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified emergency physician with a juris doctor degree from Stanford Law School, told conservatives at the American Women American Freedom event on September 26 in Parker, Texas. Gold helped organize the First White Coat Summit of America’s Frontline Doctors earlier this year on the Chinese coronavirus—which she refers to by its original name of the “Wuhan virus,” drawing substantial censorship from social media companies.

“Nothing that we’re hearing is true,” she added. “People are making foolish decisions and following foolish mandates because they’re being controlled by fear. And until we get rid of fear, we’re really not going to be able to motivate people to come to our side.”

To dispel this fear, Gold gave Texans three calls to action as part of the fight to restore our liberties and defeat the Wuhan virus.

Educate Yourself

“Our first call to action is that you yourself must be educated,” Gold told the audience. “Let’s start with the facts: If you’re in reasonably good health, you don’t have serious comorbid conditions, and under age 65, influenza is more deadly than COVID,” she said, adding that obesity and diabetes also increase your vulnerability to the virus.

“People have heard that the CDC acknowledged not too long ago that only 6 percent of people who died from COVID had no comorbid conditions,” Gold said.

Gold also discussed readily available drugs that have shown great results in fighting the virus and saving lives.

“There’s about 80 studies that show hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) works,” Gold said. “The numbers are just absolutely stunning. Countries where hydroxychloroquine is readily available have fractions of the death rate that we have in America.”

“The death rate in America is in the 400s per million. The death rate in most of Europe is in 600s per million, the death rate in Sweden is in the 500s per million—I just threw that because you should know lockdowns are irrelevant.


“But the death rate in India, where prophylaxis hydroxychloroquine is available pretty much anywhere you want since March, is 58 per million. And in the slums, the poorest parts of the world … in sub-Saharan Africa, there’s no masks, there’s no social distancing, there’s no ventilators, there’s no ICU doctors. The death is … now around 4 per million. Let’s just reflect on that number for a minute: we’re talking 1 percent.”

“Could it be that they are 1 percent of us because pretty much everyone on the continent is taking a drug?”

Gold’s statement about HCQ is consistent with the experience of Dallas-based Dr. Ivette Lozano, who has also been prescribing it for her patients.

But it isn’t the only drug out there, according to Dr. Richard Bartlett, a West Texas family medicine and emergency doctor who was also at the summit.

“My strategy has been a strategy to help people breathe,” Dr. Bartlett said. “We’ve been told since January that COVID is a problem where people have trouble breathing, and we need more ventilators.” To that end, Dr. Bartlett has been using inhaled budesonide, a steroid.

“Despite what Dr. Fauci thinks, Oxford University and the University of Queensland Australia have one of their doctors that’s a professor of mathematics at Oxford, named Dan Nicolau, and he says that inhaled budesonide does work against COVID and that it’s a big deal,” Bartlett told Texas Scorecard.

Bartlett adds that Taiwan has had only seven of its 24 million citizens die from the virus, while Japan has had less than a thousand of its 121 million citizens die.

“Their strategy in Taiwan and Japan is keeping the schools open, keeping businesses open, and early treatment—not late care only,” Bartlett said. “They have a different inhaled steroid that they’re using, which is brilliant on their part, because COVID is an inflammatory disease of the lungs, and inhaled steroids are an anti-inflammatory medicine for the lungs. It’s a perfect answer.”

What about masks?

“You need to google surgical masks and look in any scientific journal before 2020,” Dr. Gold told the crowd. “There is never a pretense of pretending that surgical masks worked for viruses. It’s a ludicrous, ludicrous statement. It’s like … using a chain-link fence to keep out a mosquito. It’s totally irrelevant,” Dr. Gold said.

She encouraged Texans gathered Saturday to read the data compiled at the America’s Frontline Doctors website, adding that there’s a feature on the site where patients can find doctors who are knowledgeable about HCQ and HCQ-friendly pharmacists.

Educate Others

Gold then gave Texans her next call to action.

“The second thing is: once you’ve educated yourself, it is a duty of every single person to educate other people,” she said. “The reason it’s important to not just go along, to close your eyes and close your mouth, is a lot of people don’t know what to believe.”

Gold brought up a recent situation where a mom with asthma was tased and arrested for not wearing a mask.

“I’m saying to you, my friends, that example is incumbent upon us to do some degree of civil disobedience … that the time has actually arrived,” Gold said to applause. “This is unthinkable. This is not normal!”

Gold later defined civil disobedience.

“Civil disobedience doesn’t have to cost you your relationships or your job,” she explained. “I tell people, ‘You don’t have to go in and have a fight at work—I understand you have to pay the rent—but you can go to a place not where you work, and you can wear a Trump hat.’”

“You have to do little things that you can. You have to not wear the mask as much as you can. You have to role model this for other people.”

Be Joyful

“My last call to action is to be joyful, to remember what you’re fighting for,” she finished. “The other side wants you to be miserable. It’s so much easier to control people when they’re miserable. Be happy. Be joyful.”

This article has been updated since publication. 

Robert Montoya

Born in Houston, Robert Montoya is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard. He believes transparency is the obligation of government.