Texans are the most fiercely independent people in the country and if they can bribe and fool us they can bribe and fool anyone.

Enter the Kaiser Foundation, founded by George Kaiser, a campaign contribution bundler for Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. They’re attempting to mute Texas opposition to ObamaCare through a luring new study.

This study claims Texas stands to gain the most from ObamaCare since Texas has done the least to insure our uninsured.

This is their claim: federal government “match rates” under ObamaCare are so high that while 2.5 million new Medicaid recipients will cost Texas $5 billion (not the $25 billion we’ve projected), we’ll get much more than that back from federal match rate payments.

Firstly, Texans should trust conservative estimates of the cost of government programs at their own risk. When Medicare was being marketed to the American public in 1967 the official projection was that it would cost $12 billion in 1990. In 1990 Medicare cost $110 billion.

Secondly, where do liberals think the federal government gets the money it’s promising to give our state? Is each state supposed to pretend the federal money it receives only comes from the other 49 states? The money comes from American taxpayers, or else, it comes from Chinese loans we hoist onto our children.

This study is another attempt to confuse Americans into believing we can magically save money by insuring 30 million new people and running a massive private industry through lazy, unaccountable, and painfully expensive government employees. We’re to believe the guys down at the driver’s license office and post office are going to whip the health care industry into shape for us. It’s enough to make you tear your clothes.

The health care takeover and its PR campaign is typical liberalism. Liberalism lives by bribery: they bribe the poor through Welfare and Medicaid, they bribe the old through Social Security and Medicare, they bribe the super-rich by special favors and massive bailouts, and on and on.

They’re vote-farmers who water their crops with other people’s money. Now they want to bribe us as states, most of all the most fiscally conservative state (and therefore the state with the best economy): Texas.

The timing of this is even more galling. European socialism has put the world economy in desperate peril. With the health care takeover socialism in America is being marketed to our greed, not our good sense. “Take the money, Texas. It’s so much money.”

Does anyone actually believe if we stay on this course it will end differently for us than it’s ending for Greece? If so, contact me. I’m selling some oceanfront property in Arizona you’ll love. While we’re getting a euro-socialism marketing campaign, euro-socialism is sinking Europe.

For years Europeans have bragged about their easy lives: 8 weeks of paid vacation, 35 hour work weeks, and cradle to grave welfare. We silly Americans work too hard, they’ve said.

Now, just as the fun times are coming to an abrupt end for them our euro-socialist President (who campaigned as a money-saver, remember?) is now implementing this failed system against the will of the people. This study is a despicable attempt to weaken our resolve, in turn weakening the political support for Attorney General Greg Abbott’s gutsy lawsuit against ObamaCare.

We have news for them. They can offer us each a BMW and a trip to Disneyworld if they want and the answer will be the same: we don’t want it.

We won’t sell the future of our children down the river for thirty pieces of silver, thank you very much.

We see Greece learning what happens when the checks start bouncing. Freebies aren’t free. Anyone who has ever abused a credit card knows as much.

Texas and all states should respond to this study in the only reasonable way: laugh.