Justice Eva Guzman has announced her resignation from the Texas Supreme Court, effective Friday, fueling speculation that she may enter the race for attorney general.

Guzman was first appointed to the state’s highest civil court in 2009 by then-Gov. Rick Perry.

Members of the Texas Supreme Court are elected to six-year terms in partisan elections.

Though Texas has an elected court, if a member retires during an unexpired term, the governor has the power to appoint a successor to fill the remainder of their term. It has become common practice in recent years for justices to retire during the middle of their terms in order to trigger a gubernatorial appointment, leading to a hybrid system in which most justices are appointed by the governor before facing the voters.

Guzman, who had won two elections during her tenure, was slated to face voters again in 2022.

She may still be on the ballot, however.

Capitol sources say Guzman has been eyeing a bid for attorney general. If she enters the Republican primary race, she will join incumbent Ken Paxton and Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who announced his campaign for the position last week.

Abbott is expected to appoint her successor in the coming weeks.