The session is coming and with it the customary biennial surplus predictions. Factors such as revenue from a contrived business tax, a natural disaster and a faltering national economy will impact the number but whatever the final tally the Lege should pretend the surplus does not exist.

This is the sound advice from the Beaumont Enterprise. Legislators should put ideas of increasing spending and creating new programs out of their minds as Texas weathers the economic storm thrashing our nation.

Thus far we have been able to escape economic turmoil but to maintain that high ground we will have need to be proactive in reforming current system of overtaxing and spending.

Specifically, Texas Legislators should be working to limit the growth of spending. Tying spending to economic indicators will more accurately reflect the ability of Texas’ economy to support the efforts of our government.

This should slow government spending gone rampant and go a long way towards reducing the overall burden of government borne by taxpayers in these times of trouble.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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