Austin, TX — More than 275 conservative leaders in Texas today announced the “Lone Star Agenda,” a plan to unite Texas Republicans in advance of the 2020 elections. The plan was developed by conservative activists to help Republican leaders respond to efforts by national Democrats to “Turn Texas Blue.”

“Our Republican leaders need all the energy grassroots activists can provide to save Texas in 2020,” stated Don Dyer, an Austin-based business owner and supporter of the Lone Star Agenda. “We want action, and the huge and growing support for the Lone Star Agenda makes clear what that action must be.”

The Lone Star Agenda includes specific legislative initiatives to reform and improve Texas in three areas; family rights and personal liberty, transparent and representative government, and justice and security. The plan was developed with input from several dozen Texas organizations and political leaders who worked to channel frustration after the 86th legislative session into positive energy for reform. Supporters of the Lone Star Agenda believe action by Republican leaders to enact the agenda items will galvanize Republican voters. They also believe inaction will result in lower Republican turnout in the 2020 election.

A list of the reform items is available at The website also lists every organization, grassroots leader, and local Republican party official registered in support of the agenda. Additional supporters will be added to the website weekly.


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