The Texas Supreme Court has ruled against Jeff Younger’s appeal to prevent his ex-wife from moving his 9-year-old son James to California, where he fears she will access child gender mutilation procedures.

For years, Jeff Younger has been fighting his ex-wife after she decided that Younger’s second son was a transgender girl stuck in a boy’s body. Younger’s ex-wife and James’ non-biological mother, Anne Georgulas, began transitioning the little boy to a girl when he was 7 years old.

Younger explained that when James was with him, he acted and dressed like a boy, but Georgulas claimed that when James was with her, he wanted to be a little girl named “Luna.”

For the past three years, Younger has been fighting Georgulas in Texas courts to protect his boys; however, the woke courts have continued to move in favor of Georgulas and her desire to brainwash her son.

In late December 2022, Younger appealed to the Texas Supreme Court after his ex-wife moved Younger’s sons and herself to California on the eve of the enactment of California’s Senate Bill 107. The bill took effect on January 1 of this year and obstructs the enforcement of out-of-state laws that prevent gender mutilation.

Despite a Texas court order that prohibits Georgulas from subjecting James Younger to gender mutilation surgery or hormone treatments, Younger fears she will use the new California law to shield herself from liability and move forward in abusing James.

Younger asked the Texas Supreme Court to overturn a trial court order allowing Georgulas to move anywhere in the United States.

In a vote of 8-1, the Texas Supreme Court rejected Younger’s appeal. Justice John Devine dissented and would have ruled in Younger’s favor.

Justices Jimmy Blacklock and Evan Young concurred in the decision, arguing that Georgulas will still be subject to the Texas court order prohibiting her from subjecting James Younger to surgery or hormone treatments.

Blacklock and Young also took issue with Younger’s refusal to attend supervised visitation in the preceding year. However, Younger has argued that his participation in such visits—where his son is forced to wear a dress and where he is expected to address the boy as “Luna”—would contribute to the brainwashing of his son and is abusive.

Whether Blacklock and Young are correct in trusting the California court system and the Supreme Court’s own power to ensure that Georgulas does not subject James Younger to abusive, irreversible medical procedures remains to be seen. Regardless, in the meantime the Court has affirmed Georgulas’ sole custody of James Younger to continue brainwashing the boy regarding his gender.

Younger has said he will continue to fight for his children, to protect them from being forced to transition.

Legislation has been filed in the Texas State House of Representatives to protect children from gender mutilation.

The 88th Legislative Session will begin on January 10.

Concerned citizens may contact their representatives to ask how they will vote.

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Soli Rice

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