With June nearly half over, LGBT activists are continuing “Pride Month” celebrations—with numerous universities and sports teams taking part in supporting homosexuality and gender confusion. 

“Love is love, y’all,” the Texas Longhorns posted on X yesterday. The post also featured a rainbow graphic with captions that read “Happy Pride Month.”

The University of North Texas posted on X that “LBGTQ+ student orgs at #UNT, like UNT GLAD and The Space, are celebrating #PrideMonth. While serving different identities within the community, each student org shares a common goal of offering spaces for individuals to connect with others and express their true selves.” 

“Happy Pride, Roadrunners! Know that you are loved and celebrated each day at UTSA,” the University of Texas at San Antonio posted. 

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley said “June is Pride Month! We celebrate Pride by honoring, respecting, and supporting everyone in our Vaquero family. Remember, you are accepted here at #UTRGV.” 

UTRGV also posted a picture of what seems to be an LGBT exhibit featuring a pride flag along with a “Change the Narrative” paper. 

“This case has been left intentionally empty as we observe the historical exclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s change the narrative,” the paper reads. 

“This month, we celebrate our UTA LGBTQ+ community along with their contributions and achievements,” posted the University of Texas at Arlington. “Happy Pride Month, Mavericks!”

Texas Scorecard reached out to Texas Family Project for comment on what they thought of higher education institutions promoting the LGBT agenda. 

“Texas universities have become breeding grounds for ideologies devoid of truth. We have students going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for degrees in things like Gender Studies that have zero benefits to society,” TFP President Brady Gray told Texas Scorecard. 

With the 88th legislature appropriating 43 billion taxpayer dollars to higher education, while Texans work to survive record inflation and overwhelming property taxes, the questions must be asked. What is Texas getting for our investment? Why are we funding institutions that promote degeneracy, evil, and outright untruth?

“These ideologies work their way further into our society every day that we allow it to continue. Drag shows for kids, pornography in school and public libraries, and children being preyed on with evil gender ideology is all a downstream effect of our universities,” Gray continued. “If we want to defend our kids and create a prosperous Texas for generations to come, we have to put an end to the taxpayer-funded indoctrination camps within our own state, and get back to training future leaders in science, business, and the like.” 

Will Biagini

Will was born in Louisiana and raised in a military family. He currently serves as a journalist with Texas Scorecard. Previously, he was a senior correspondent for Campus Reform.