FORT WORTH —  President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring all large employers to vaccinate their workforce has put thousands of Texans at risk of losing their jobs. Major industries of infrastructure such as airlines and railroads have implemented deadlines for their employees to be vaccinated or terminated. 

Lockheed Martin, a major federal contractor, implemented a similar mandate.

Following the mandates, airline employees refused to fly in protest, and railroad labor unions launched litigation against Union Pacific. Earlier this week, engineers and shift workers at Lockheed’s Fort Worth plant rallied in protest. 

The gathering took place on November 3, just outside of the plant’s main entrance. The day was overcast, 47 degrees and rainy. Despite the conditions, more than 100 patriots—vaccinated and unvaccinated—congregated under umbrellas.

Donning ponchos and winter coats, patriots wielded signs, flags, and megaphones. They opened in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance before signing the national anthem. Representatives from Don Huffines’ and Allen West’s gubernatorial campaigns spoke before a resounding speech from Savannah Lynn of Savvy Truth. 

Their message was simple, freedom over fear.

“Even though yesterday was a very cold and rainy day for a rally, it was such an honor, and actually a lot of fun, to stand in unity with the nearly 200 other patriots from across DFW who came together to support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” an organizer told Texas Scorecard.

“We were there to champion medical and religious freedoms for all and believe they are always worth standing up and speaking out for!”

Though some states such as Florida and Tennessee are taking legislative action to ban vaccine mandates, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has so far refused to call a special session of the state Legislature to consider similar legislation.

Griffin White

After graduating high school with an associates degree in fine arts, Griffin chose to seek experience in his field of interest rather than attend university. He describes himself as a patriotic Fort Worth native with a passion for cars and guitars. He is now a fellow for Texas Scorecard.