While conservatives were bristling over parliamentary actions taken by House Speaker Joe Straus to waylay conservative priorities, liberal bureaucrats were praising him for shutting down conservative criticism.

On Monday, Straus stonewalled State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (R–Arlington) as he questioned the Speaker over his decision to refer House Bill 4260 by Democrat State Rep. Jessica Farrar (Houston) to committee while conservative priorities such as Senate Bill 6 (also known as the Texas Privacy Act) collect dust on his desk.

Farrar’s HB 4260 is a “satirical bill” intended to parody pro-life legislation by proposing to regulate male masturbation. The legislation is a non-serious proposal that has zero chance of passing, but was nonetheless referred relatively quickly to the House Committee on State Affairs.

As Tinderholt questioned Straus on his decision, the Speaker basically stonewalled him and refused to answer his parliamentary inquiries—actions that were applauded by liberal Democrat staffers and abortion advocates.

Emily Brown is Farrar’s communications director, “OHTheMaryD” is an individual who raises money to “expand abortion access in Texas.”

Their praise of Straus shows the kind of leader that the Speaker is and the truth behind the power that he holds.

Straus was elected by successfully orchestrating a coup against Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick of Midland in which a small band of turncoat Republicans worked with Democrats to throw out Republican leadership and replace it with a Democrat-coalition. He has been beholden to those Democrats and they have supported him ever since.

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the Vice President of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. A 6th Generation Texan, Cary attended Texas A&M University was active in a number of conservative causes including Ted Cruz's Senate campaign. He has also worked on campaigns to elect conservatives to Congress and the Texas Legislature. Cary enjoys college football, genealogy research, and the occasional craft beer.