Texas Comptroller candidate Harvey Hilderbran released his first online campaign ad Monday morning. Maybe it was supposed to be funny…?

Aside from the all-out corniness of a console television playing crackled and ominous Fox News clips in the bed of a pickup –­ (and, if you really want to go there…complete lack of logic) – there’s the three mentions of his “10-Point Plan” or, his “Performance Pledge,” without one little hint as to what these points might be; well, other than fighting the IRS.

Which, it turns out, is the third of the three elements of the 10-points currently available on Hilderbran’s campaign website. (I guess we’ll all be waiting with bated breath for points 4-10…)

Interesting that the Straus-appointed Ways and Means chairman is suddenly so concerned with fighting for conservative values, when he could rarely manage to be present on the House floor for “tough” votes.

Amidst the constant pledging to fight the IRS and find out why they are “hasslin’ Texans,” the ad tosses in that Hilderbran “led the effort to cut over $1 billion in taxes last session.”

Very conveniently, of course, leaving out the fact that these “tax cuts” were actually carve outs and tax breaks for corporate friends, rather than any kind of move toward broad-based tax relief.

In fact, Senator Glenn Hegar “led the effort” for broad-based tax relief once Rep. Hilderbran’s bill made it to the state’s upper chamber.

There is nothing funny about failing to provide tax relief.

What Rep. Hilderbran’s record reveals is a politician uninterested in doing the hard work of protecting taxpayers.

I’m sure we will all be on the edge of our seats until the remaining seven points of Hilderbran’s “10-Point Pledge” are revealed.

Until then, actions speak louder than…campaign ads.


Morgan Williamson

Morgan serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard—monitoring our media presence, both online and in print. She is a Texas native, Texas State graduate, and veteran staffer of the 83rd Texas Legislature. Aside from a good dose of editing & strategizing, Morgan enjoys proper grammar usage, a lot of coffee, and good company.


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