Under fire from constituents for his role in killing legislation aimed at securing the Texas border, most defenders of State Rep. Byron Cook (R–Corscicana) have chosen to deny and obfuscate the lawmaker’s record. But some of his supporters are trumpeting his obstruction as the top reason voters should send him back to Austin.

In a fundraising email to business leaders and other perceived supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens, Houston insurance salesman Norman Adams called Cook his “best friend” in the Texas Legislature and praised him, saying “no one has done more to help us block Arizona-style legislation in Texas.”

Several years ago Arizona passed state-level legislation aimed at restricting illegal immigration into their state.

Norman Adams is well known by Republican activists as the financier behind the “Texas Solution,” the effort to put a plank calling for a guest worker program in the Texas GOP platform. The plank was rejected by the Republican delegates in a floor fight at the 2014 convention.

In his email, Adams boasts that “most members of Congress agree with [him],” and that they invite amnesty supporters like Adams to fundraisers where the congressmen tell them “how hard they are working” for them.

Adams lays the blame for his failure on the Republican grassroots and attacks opponents of his effort for amnesty as “screamers.” Adams goes on to crassly accuse Republicans who favor enforcing immigration laws, including GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and presumably Texas’ popular US Sen. Ted Cruz, of supporting an immigration plan that “would look like a train to Dachau.”

Adams calls on recipients of his email to pledge $1000 towards Cook’s reelection.

The full text of Adams’ fundraising email on behalf of Byron Cook is posted below.

Appointed as Chairman of the powerful State Affairs Committee by House Speaker Joe Straus, Cook has used his position to kill a number of conservative immigration reforms, including a ban on sanctuary cities and legislation ending in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Meanwhile, for the past two sessions, Cook’s biggest legislative priority has been an effort to give drivers’ permits to illegal aliens.

From: Norman Adams
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2015 11:12 AM
Subject: Byron Cook is our best friend in the Texas Legislature

“An Altar Call”

The year was 2006. John Kafka, Stan Marek, and “yours truly” co-founded Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy. Since that time we have invested a lot of your time and money encouraging politicians to support sensible immigration reform. ID’em and Tax‘em, how difficult can that be?

Most members of Congress evidently agree with us, because they invite us to their fundraisers where they tell us how hard they are working for us!

So why have our friends not passed sensible immigration reform? Because, their first priority is getting re-elected, not what is good for America. They are being intimidated by the “screamers.”

Who are the screamers? They are people that want every undocumented immigrant deported. The screamers want to nullify birthright citizenship! Sound familiar? Read Donald Trump’s immigration plan. It would look like a train to Dachau! Thank God the screamers are the minority, not the voting majority!

Some of our politicians are gutless. I call them weather vanes! Thank God we have Byron Cook as Chairman of State Affairs in our Texas Legislature.

No one has done more to help us block Arizona-style Legislation in Texas.

The “screamers” have organized a lynch mob of “sorts.” They are coming after Byron because he refuses to be intimidated by them.

Please help re-elect Byron Cook, a true leader.

Please consider a $1000 pledge to “Byron Cook Campaign.”

Email me your pledge ASAP.

May God continue to bless Texas!

Norman E. Adams, Co-founder
Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy

Tony McDonald

Tony McDonald serves as General Counsel to Texas Scorecard. A licensed and practicing attorney, Tony specializes in the areas of civil litigation, legislative lawyering, and non-profit regulatory compliance. Tony resides in Austin with his wife and daughter and attends St. Paul Lutheran Church.


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