For ten years, Empower Texans has been helping taxpayers hold their elected officials accountable and advocate for good governance, providing Texans with information about the issues facing the Lone Star State.

Liberty is only protected with the tenacity of grassroots activists. And it’s because of these Texans that we exist. They are citizens who are always willing to stand up and fight in their communities, consistently giving so much and asking for nothing in return.

To mark our tenth anniversary, we at Empower Texans have been working on a project to help grassroots activists more effectively hold their elected officials accountable at every level of government.

We’re excited to introduce the Texas Torchbearer Initiative.


What is a Torchbearer?

These are the people willing to shine a light so that others can work more effectively. The Texas Torchbearer Initiative is open to anyone willing to lead by example in their community by exposing what those in power would rather leave hidden.

When you become a Torchbearer, the Empower Texans staff work with you, building your knowledge and helping you to grow your sphere of influence, while preparing for effective engagement. We only ask that Torchbearers commit to shining the bright light of liberty in their communities.

For those Texans willing to be Torchbearers, we provide tools and services to help them lead others in more effective public engagement on the ideas of liberty. The result will be a more brightly shining Lone Star State.

Are you ready to carry the torch of liberty in your community? Apply now!

Jose Melendez

Jose is the Parter Relations Associate for Empower Texans and manages the Texas Torchbearers. A Native Texan, Jose was born and raised in Houston. He graduated with a degree in Business from the University of Houston in 2014, with an emphasis in Marketing. While in college he volunteered on various campaigns and grassroots efforts as a member of the Young Conservatives of Texas. He worked as a Field Director and helped with Delegate Operations for Ted Cruz on his campaign for President of the United States. Jose is an avid runner, enjoys hiking and plays iPhone games in his spare time.