A conservative Texas radio talk-show host and a leading Second Amendment watchdog recently discussed the ongoing battle over the advancement of gun-control measures in the Lone Star State. They suggest the ramifications of passing the measures at the center of the debate could determine the outcomes of next year’s general elections.

Conservative talk-show host Chris Salcedo suggested to his listeners that conservatives in Texas are worried Republicans’ warming up to Democrat-supported gun-control measures could have a decades-long impact on the shape and direction of our state.

“None of those Republicans will get Democrat votes by embracing gun control,” Salcedo said. “They will, however, sideline conservative money, and they will sideline conservative votes. And that is why it is being said we are heading into a perfect storm of turning Texas blue at a pivotal time in our country’s history.”

Salcedo was joined by Chris McNutt, the executive director of Texas Gun Rights, to discuss the potentially stifling effects gun-control measures could have on the Republican base.

“Do you think Republican leaders will listen?” Salcedo asked.

“Will they listen? I don’t know,” McNutt responded. “You know, sadly—as you kind of touched on briefly, already—Republicans have been tone-deaf this year by claiming we had this conservative session when the reality is not a single Republican priority was passed.”

“The reality is we had a purple session, as you said,” McNutt continued. “And the proof of that is Democrats and Republicans are both claiming victory for our session. So, I’m not too optimistic they will wake up and get the message.”

With state Republican leaders who had traditionally advocated in the Capitol on behalf of law-abiding gun owners now joining the chorus on the left in calls for the Texas Legislature to act, the coming months will set the stage for whether McNutt and Salcedo’s predictions play out in the 2020 General Election.

Destin Sensky

Destin Sensky serves as a Capitol Correspondent for Texas Scorecard covering the Texas Legislature, working to bring Texans the honest and accurate coverage they need to hold their elected officials in Austin accountable.