The Democrats have a new tactic to advance their radical ideology: target non-partisan races. Municipal elections in Texas are non-partisan and traditionally experience single digit voter-turnout. Low turnout and the lack of party identification make voters less likely to screen candidates on the basis of political philosophy or ideology. As a result, many of these elections field some of the most ardent left-wing candidates to assume elected office in our conservative state.

A radical agenda taking place at the municipal level is in The Alamo City. The San Antonio City Council, led by Mayor Julian Castro recently approved a so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance. This ordinance will likely be used as a weapon against Conservatives, Christians, and any other group that opposes radical liberal views.

This is nothing new; liberal-dominated city councils routinely adopt anti-liberty measures such as bag-bans, and “tree-protection” ordinances or anti-free enterprise policies such as rent controls, and “living-wage” laws.

Municipal offices serve another function for Democrats, other than being testing grounds for radical policies; they are resume builders for their candidates. Think about many notorious, budget-bloating, tax-and-spend liberals representing Texans in the Legislature or in Congress. Well known Texas Democrats such as Wendy Davis, Bill White, and Sheila Jackson-Lee all began their political careers in “non-partisan” municipal offices.

Out west, in Midland, Democratic activist John James is building his resume; running for Mayor of the Tall City after having served two terms on the Midland City Council. According to his rhetoric and campaign literature, James is branding himself as a “Strong Fiscal Conservative” hoping that voters in Midland assume he is a conservative Republican. He has said himself that, “partisanship doesn’t matter in a non-partisan election” and as such has refused to publicly reveal any partisan leanings.

As a result, most Midland voters are unaware of James’ multiple Democratic credentials. Over the last 12 years, James donated over $10,000 to Democratic candidates or organizations. From 2004-2008, James served on the State Democratic Executive Committee. James supported John Kerry in his bid for President against Midland’s favorite son, George W. Bush. James is also quoted by the Midland Reporter-Telegram, in reference to a Democratic victory in neighboring Ector County, that, “I’m convinced that Texas is going to get back into the ‘Blue’ column one race at a time.”

Perhaps Mr. James views his Mayoral race as the catalyst in this process? Beyond question, James’ victory would be portrayed as a victory for Democrats. Imagine the headline: “Democratic activist wins Mayoral seat in Bush’s hometown.” This is a major strategic play on behalf of the effort to Turn Texas Blue.

A conservative Republican majority, if uninformed, will not be enough to stop phony conservatives, like James. Victory requires that voters are aware and understand the importance of defeating a left-wing candidate in a Democratic “test race” for West Texas.

What Texas doesn’t need are more liberals, of any party, who ignore fiscal prudence and misunderstand the role of government, at any level.

Ultimately the best candidate in this race is not simply determined by party affiliation, however, partisan actions inform a great deal of a candidate’s record and political philosophy. Candidates who claim conservative values and defend past service to the Democratic Party have some serious explaining to do to principled conservative voters.

On November 5th, vote to Keep Midland Conservative–Defeat John James.

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