Thanks to several media blitzes, Republican voters all over Texas—and honestly, all over America—are well aware of Democratic Senator turned Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, and everything she stands for.

Whether it’s being unabashedly pro-abortion, or doubling and tripling down on “inconsistencies” in her supposed rags-to-riches life story, you can be sure Wendy is not standing for any principles that conservatives are looking for in their elected representatives.

(Well, aside from swapping in her formerly NRA F-rated stance on Second Amendment issues for a pro-open-carry stance. We can only assume she defied the party’s stance on the issue in order to have some perceived grounds to compete with Greg Abbott, and not to actually assist conservative Republicans during primary season…)

Texans know Wendy Davis is the liberal bastion to which Battleground Texas and Team Obama have pinned their hopes and dreams for a “blue”—or at least purple—Texas.

So, one might assume that getting to the ballot box in November and ensuring Republicans are elected is the answer to defeating that Wendy Davis, Battleground Texas, “Turn Texas Blue” dream.

But, many might be shocked to know that on the Fiscal Responsibility Index for the 83rd Texas Legislative Session, Senator Wendy Davis actually out-performed a number of House Republicans when it came to taxpayer issues.

Wendy certainly has nothing to be proud of with her failing score of 43.6 on our index; however, the following Republican House members scored even lower.

When it comes to fiscal issues, these liberal Republicans are worse than Wendy Davis, and voters have the opportunity to begin stripping the purple from our Texas Capitol come March 4.

As for those incumbents running unopposed this primary season, it will be the people’s job to hold them accountable to taxpayer interests during the next session. 

“Worse Than Wendy” State Representatives:

With a March 4 Primary Challenger:

Cook, Byron 42.0

Ratliff, Bennett 41.6

Patrick, Diane 36.7

Darby, Drew 35.7

Otto, John 35.5

Keffer, Jim 35.3

Kacal, Kyle 33.6

Sheffield, J.D. 27.5

Without a Primary Challenger:

Price, Four 41.6

Stephenson, Phil 39.7

Farney, Marsha 39.6

Larson, Lyle 39.0

Geren, Charlie 37.0

King, Ken        38.6

Raney, John 36.3

Aycock, Jimmie Don 36.2

Lozano, J.M. 32.9

Smith, Wayne 31.4

Zerwas, John 25.3

Announced retirement after the 83rd Legislative Session:

Callegari, William 39.0

Ritter, Allan 37.0

Pitts, Jim 29.7

Davis, John 29.7

Morgan Williamson

Morgan serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard—monitoring our media presence, both online and in print. She is a Texas native, Texas State graduate, and veteran staffer of the 83rd Texas Legislature. Aside from a good dose of editing & strategizing, Morgan enjoys proper grammar usage, a lot of coffee, and good company.


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