After the U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned Roe v. Wade—allowing states to now outlaw the practice of dismembering, poisoning, or using any other means to kill a baby in the womb—the Democrat-run Austin City Council wants to retaliate.

For their upcoming special meeting on Thursday, the council has planned several actions to enable more abortions in the city. 

The first is the “Guarding the Right to Abortion Care for Everyone (GRACE)” Act, a resolution that recommends the Austin Police Department not store reports of soon-to-be-illegal abortions, give related information to other government agencies, nor investigate the businesses exterminating the preborn children.

Ironically, the resolution refuses to recognize women, instead labeling them as “pregnant people.”

Second, the council has prepared an ordinance amending the city code to “prohibit discrimination based on reproductive health actions for housing, public accommodations, employment and employment by City contractors,” as well as a resolution requesting the city “establishes equitable access to contraception.” Oral contraceptives are well known by medical professionals as a Group 1 carcinogen, in the same category as asbestos and plutonium.

Notably, the resolution references a city-funded “low-cost vasectomy program” in Laredo. Vasectomies are a proposed way men can be “proactive” in the field of contraceptives.

Finally, the council’s fourth and final item on the agenda is a resolution instructing the city manager to “evaluate and make recommendations on benefits for City employees to support reasonable access to reproductive health care services that are no longer lawfully available in Texas.” 

Texas has a coming state law to ban the practice of abortion statewide, and similar existing laws have been on the books since before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. The Austin City Council joins district attorneys and other local officials across Texas in trying to find ways to continue allowing abortions.

Additionally, the Austin City Council already has a long history of funneling citizens’ money toward the barbaric practice—including giving a downtown Planned Parenthood clinic a sweetheart land lease deal of $1 per year, and spending $550,000 on the logistical costs of killing a child. 

Concerned Austinites may contact their city council member.

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro is an outspoken conservative at Texas A&M who is involved with the Young Conservatives of Texas. He is passionate about exposing the waste, corruption, and RINOs in the Austin swamp.