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Directionless: Power for Power’s Sake

Texans for Lawsuit Reform was once a principled and focused single-issue group. They had a noble cause when they stormed onto the scene in the 1990s. Their mission was reforming an out-of-control civil justice system in Texas. In the 1990s, Texas was known as the...


Texas A&M Advancing Race-based Hiring in Schools

A Texas A&M alumnus and retired educator has expressed concern about race-based preferences in a PreK-12 school staff recruiting and training project in which universities under the Texas A&M System are involved. A taxpayer-funded grant from the Biden...


DEI and the University of North Texas

This article was updated with a response by State Sen. Brandon Creighton.  Three employee resource groups focusing on anti-racism, transgender issues, and LGBTQ matters have kept the Denton-based University of North Texas at the center of an ongoing debate about DEI...


Texas Tech Professor Publicly Expresses Antisemitism

Texas Tech Professor Jairo Funez-Flores has publicly posted antisemitic remarks. These actions do not correspond with the high standards of ethical conduct the university demands of its employees. Funez-Flores is an assistant professor at Texas Tech’s College of...