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Todd Staples: Opposing A Conservative

According to the Austin rumor mill, Ag Commissioner Todd Staples will be throwing his endorsement against a conservative incumbent… in favor of a moderate, anti-tort-reform legislator-turned-lobbyist. For someone who wants to run for lieutenant governor in two years, this will speak volumes to conservative voters. 

By |March 29, 2012
Conservative Leaders Project - Replacing Lackeys with Leaders

After electing a super-majority of Republicans to the Texas Legislature in 2010, conservatives across the state expected them to enact bold reforms. Sadly, the results of the legislative session left far too many conservative reforms not only undone, but un-attempted. It was a super-majority bereft of the super. Voters have had highlighted for them one […]

By |January 19, 2012
Crime Can Pay for Legislators

The state’s generosity toward those who have betrayed the trust of those they have pledged to serve isn’t limited to just State Rep. Joe Driver.

By |December 20, 2011
Cut, Balance, and Grow...

Today Governor Perry announced his economic plan for America that includes an optional flat tax for individuals, reduced corporate income taxes, aggressively limiting federal regulations and burdens, and reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This all while balancing the budget without raising taxes.

By |October 25, 2011
Open Seat Draws Out Distinctions

Another open Metroplex house district, and another race pitting a candidate boasting support from the House Speaker’ cheering squad against a candidate with conservative credentials. Newly redrawn House District 115 in Dallas County includes part of Coppell, Irving, Farmers Branch, and Carrollton. As Rep. Jim Jackson of Carrollton has indicated that he will not be […]

By |September 22, 2011
Records On Display In New 106

With redistricting having literally changed Texas’ political playing field, conservatives must remain on their toes going into next year’s primary elections. The new House District 106 is no exception, where a self-proclaimed tax-raiser is being supported in the Republican primary by members of House Speaker Joe Straus’ leadership team. This new district is made up […]

By |September 8, 2011
"D" is for Dereliction of Duty

Fifteen Republican state representatives dismissed fiscally conservative principles, instead opting for a more “balanced” (read “big-government”) approach to public policy including increased regulation, dismissal of property rights, and a disregard of commonsense fiscal responsibility. If you’re a conservative and the Texas Legislature’s 82nd session left you with an empty sense of lost opportunity and frustration, […]

By |August 9, 2011
Debt Limit Debacle

As the dust settles around the debt deal struck earlier this week, it has become clear that Americans are not pleased with the outcome – and in many cases, far less enthralled with the leadership that has brought us here.

By |August 5, 2011