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Line Item Limbo

Commonsense, bi-partisan measures have been presented that would clarify the budget writing and reporting process, providing much needed transparency to a Texas budgetary format marked by a quagmire of confusion.

By |April 20, 2011
Fixing the ObamaCare Mess

From the unsustainable expansion of entitlements and spending to the
colossal national debt and a nearly indiscernible tax code, Washington
has a habit of taking control of things and promptly making a mess of

By |April 18, 2011
House Has Opportunity to Strengthen Property Rights

Two months ago the Senate passed it’s eminent domain bill (SB18) that doesn’t necessarily do additional harm to private property rights, but certainly left major room for improvement. Wednesday, the House has it’s opportunity to drastically improve this bill by adding necessary property rights protections.

By |April 12, 2011
Property Rights Erosion

In the midst of legislative efforts to further enhance private property rights making their way through the legislative process, two other bills taking the stage on the house floor today (HB 364) and Monday (HB 365) would instead unravel what property rights protections Texans have already rightly established.

By |April 8, 2011
Rewarding Performance

A bill filed by Reps. William Callegari and Erwin Cain aims to increase government efficiency by emphasizing government employee performance over longevity.

By |April 6, 2011
Budget Right, Now

Even though the House Appropriations Committee stopped with $800 million in budget cuts, conservative lawmakers kept looking for more ways to reduce spending and protect the state’s rainy day fund dollars.

By |March 31, 2011
School: Fire Teachers, Add PR Exec

In the shadow of a School Board meeting to deliberate school closures and teacher layoffs, Austin ISD is also looking to hire a top administrator to oversee “Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach.”

By |March 28, 2011