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DPS Reins In Thoroughbred Group’s Complaint Against Sen. Nelson

A weak and politically motivated criminal complaint against a state senator was shot down by DPS this week. The Department of Public Safety announced that they have dismissed a criminal complaint against State Sen. Jane Nelson (R – Flower Mound), lodged by a disgruntled horse-breeding association in regards to the legislature’s funding of the Texas […]

By |August 21, 2015
The Curious Case of Cook’s Bad Bill

Funny things can happen in the final days of the legislative session. Case in point: the effort of Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) to grant illegal immigrants the right to drive on Texas roads. Though Cook and Democrats teamed up to push the issue, the measure failed to receive the same support from Republicans. Curiously, Cook could […]

By |May 15, 2015
Tuition Revenue Bonds are a Bipartisan Problem

On Wednesday, the Texas House will take up HB 100, a bill authorizing more than $3.4 billion for a funding mechanism called Tuition Revenue Bonds, used to finance construction of buildings on campuses of the state’s public universities. Taxpayers should encourage their representatives to vote NO on consideration of the bill, and any other bills authorizing […]

By |April 6, 2015
The Conservative Approach to Limiting Government Growth

While the grassroots may disagree on the means from time to time, the end goal of the conservative movement remains the same: put government in its proper size and role in order to ensure that individual liberty is maximized. That includes our state government, where we are doing pretty well in comparison to other states, […]

By |February 18, 2015
Governing Like California: Insult or Aspiration for Straus?

Is Speaker Joe Straus trying to run the Texas House like a Californian? Sounds like a silly question. He’s a Texan after all. And pointing out the all the mistakes our West Coast neighbors have made over the years has virtually become our unofficial state pastime. Any Texan in his right mind could look to […]

By |February 15, 2015