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Establishment to Conservatives: Play the Game or Get Played

In attempts to defend those in power, Texas’ political media establishment often portrays members of the conservative movement – especially those critical of House Speaker Joe Straus – as extremists, seeking to turn Austin into a Washington, D.C.–style polarized system of gridlock, bickering, and self-mutilation. That is, unless conservatives in Austin are seeking to grow […]

By |February 9, 2015
Time to End the Two-Thirds Rule

An infamous parliamentary procedure historically ingrained into the rules of the Texas Senate, the two-thirds rule is used in modern times as a political tool to stifle good legislation. Instead of members of the majority passing bills advancing commonsense reform, their will — and the will of the majority of Texans who elected them — […]

By |December 2, 2014
Lubbock Considering Nanny-State Smoking Ban

Lubbock city council members are poised to adopt a citywide smoking ban that would potentially be one of the strictest in the entire state. Will Lubbock voters sit idly by while their city council imposes such harsh nanny-state regulations? Such inaction may signal implicit approval, paving the way for additional regulations like what has already […]

By |October 22, 2014
Senate Nominees Take Stand Against Potential TEC Abuse

In a recent letter, six Republican nominees for the Texas Senate put the members of the Texas Ethics Commission on notice – stating that taking action on a proposed rule-change before the commission would be an abuse of authority and an infringement on responsibilities constitutionally entrusted to the Legislature. The letter was sent in response […]

By |October 9, 2014
Abbott's Plan for Transportation

Using self-deprecating humor to make light of Texans’ frustrations with traffic congestion, Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott recently debuted a new ad highlighting his thoughts on future transportation funding, including his view on legislative “pet projects.” His plan for getting more cars moving: use existing revenue more responsibly by dedicating all transportation funds towards road […]

By |September 23, 2014
Two Names to Avoid in SD 28 Special Election

Taxpayers in SD 28 looking to elect a conservative in the upcoming special election to replace Sen. Robert Duncan have two names to avoid: Delwin Jones and Greg Wortham. Jones, a former state representative from Lubbock, was one of the most receptive legislators to the Austin grow-government crowd during his time in office. He was […]

By |July 28, 2014
Eyes of Texas Should Remain on UT Clout Scandal

Yesterday, University of Texas System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa announced he has accepted the resignation of UT-Austin President Bill powers effective June of 2015 amidst the growing clout scandal at the state’s flagship university. While Powers’ delayed exit may be perceived as a consolation prize for those entrenched in defending UT’s bureaucratic, elitist class, it does […]

By |July 10, 2014
Can Dewhurst Be Impartial During Hall Trial?

As the House Transparency Committee works to draft articles of impeachment against whistleblower UT Regent Wallace Hall for his efforts to uncover clout abuse by legislators at the system’s flagship campus, questions about the proceedings have made their way into the Lt. Governor’s runoff between David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick. Asked about their thoughts on […]

By |May 22, 2014