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Faith Bussey

Faith Bussey is a mom, a grassroots activist, a writer, and a consultant. She is passionate about limiting government in the lives of every Texan.

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Wallace Hall Says Straus ‘Came After Me To Make An Example’

When University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall uncovered abuse of the admissions process at the Austin campus, he was ruthlessly attacked by powerful members of the legislature and threatened with both impeachment and criminal investigation. Now, Hall is speaking out, and naming names. In a speech to the North East Tarrant Tea Party, Hall told […]

By |August 19, 2015
Democrats Are Not Our Problem

Though many lawmakers are less than honest with their constituents when they return home from Austin, one of them has been a little more frank. Delivering a straight-forward, cogent assessment of the 84th session to the Southwest Dallas County Republican Club recently, State Sen. Bob Hall (R-Canton) told attendees that ­— “Democrats are not our problem.” […]

By |June 19, 2015
Red Light Camera Ban Ushers in New Mayor

Local activists in Arlington pushing to ban the controversial red-light cameras emerged victorious in May, spurring record turnout for the city in which there was also a contested mayoral election. Nearly 2,000 new voters and over 7,000 new municipal voters made their voices heard among the 26,694 total ballots cast. This was the highest turnout […]

By |May 27, 2015