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Commentary: Another Vacancy

The eventual GOP nominee who emerges from the committee replacement process will have one of the easiest paths into the U.S. House of any new member.

By |May 22, 2020
Commentary: COVID & Redistricting

If the March 31 deadline for the release of new census data is postponed to the summer of 2021, we will see a series of redistricting problems ignited in the states.

By |April 28, 2020
Commentary: Early Clues

The scope of booking this huge amount of television time this early for particular states provides insight into the progressive left’s targeting priorities.

By |March 31, 2020
Commentary: The Open Primary Effect

The open primary, as it relates to Super Tuesday, means that Republicans and Independents will be able, if they so choose, to influence the Democratic presidential nomination.

By |February 25, 2020