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Missouri City to Impose "Crash Tax"

Be extra careful when you drive through the Houston suburb of Missouri City!  Starting in March, those drivers at fault in car crashes will be charged as much as $2000, to pay for first responders.  This fee is being imposed by the Missouri City Fire Department. According to KHOU, Missouri City Fire Chief Russell Sander […]

By |February 19, 2013
Justice Department Sides with German Homeschooling Policy

This is some jaw-dropping news: In a political asylum case involving a German family that fled to the United States to be able to homeschool their children, the U.S. Justice Department is arguing that the freedom to choose to educate one’s own children is not a fundamental right. The case, Romeike v. Holder, is now in the […]

By |February 18, 2013
Transparency in the Modern Age

Texas government, be it statewide or local, seems mired in a dilemma.  On the one hand, we have some tremendously transparent government entities (i.e., the city of Houston’s website was given an A- rating by Sunshine Review last year).  On the other, we have some very outdated codes and laws governing transparency.  Rep. Jonathan Stickland […]

By |January 31, 2013
Microchip ID Cards OK Under First Amendment, Says Court

Back in November, I wrote about Northside ISD’s effort to increase their state revenue cut down on truancy and keep students in the classroom with microchip tracking technology in student identification cards.  At the time, this effort was being challenged in court, as one student objected to the microchip on religious grounds.  Two days ago, […]

By |January 23, 2013
Dirty Harry Reid Attempted to Expand Gambling in Texas

How’s this for obnoxious interference?  Nevada Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat majority leader and all-around annoying stooge, attempted to pass legislation in December to allow Native American tribes to open casinos in Texas.  Politico posted the story a couple of days ago.  The bill was mercifully killed by lack of action, but the audacity certainly […]

By |January 17, 2013
Taking Aim at Conflict of Interest

Straight out of the gate, State Representative Giovanni Capriglione (R-Southlake) is taking aim at one of those insidious bipartisan problems in government – conflict of interest.  His House Bill 524 is a transparency bill requiring lawyers who happen to be legislators to waive attorney-client privilege when they represent companies doing business with state agencies. Rep. […]

By |January 17, 2013
Why School Choice Must Be Universal

Who knows what’s best for children in terms of education?  The adults responsible for them – i.e., parents and guardians – or politicians and bureaucrats?  I know, this is one of those times when you look at the screen and scoff.  “Obviously,” you say, indignantly, “parents and guardians!”  Of course, there is no doubt that’s […]

By |December 6, 2012