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In Defense Of Military Voters

In HD-48, Republican Dan Neil is taking his recount battle to unseat incumbent State Rep. Donna Howard (D-Austin) directly to the Texas Legislature. Travis County officials are now admitting that (some?) straight-ticket overseas ballots were counted for the November election, but only in statewide races.

By |December 21, 2010
Latest Snub To Military Voters

Following an election recount last week, State Rep. Donna Howard (D-Austin) has been declared the winner in HD-48 by 12 votes. But were all the votes counted? Not so, according to Dan Neil, her Republican challenger, who claims Travis County didnโ€™t properly count the ballots of military members serving overseas.

By |December 9, 2010
Texas Sales Tax Nexus

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs is challenging for not paying sales taxes while they operated a facility in Irving between 2005 and 2009. Some liberals are saying her action is no different than Bill White’s push for a new Internet Sales Tax. They clearly don’t know much about taxes.

By |October 26, 2010
A Rose By Any Other Name

It was revealed this week that four-term incumbent State Rep. Patrick Rose (D-San Marcos) has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is a commitment to taxpayers to “oppose and vote against any all efforts to increase taxes.” Does this reflect a new attitude, or is it a clever political maneuver? And does it matter?

By |October 21, 2010
Feds Playing Politics With Drilling?

After being rebuked by federal courts, President Obama’s secretary of the interior, former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO), announced that the ban on offshore drilling would be lifted. Not so, in a practical sense, says Elizabeth Ames Jones, a commissioner on the energy regulating Texas Railroad Commission.

By |October 15, 2010
Strategy: Keep Voters In The Dark

Some liberal Democrats have begun calling themselves “independent,” trying to obscure their party affiliation. A handful went further, seeking to make it even easier for candidates to hide their true political predilections. Net effect? Keep voters in the dark.

By |October 13, 2010
Maldonado's Tax Hike Forum?

While most voters are concerned about the economy and jobs, it’s interesting that liberal State Rep. Diana Maldonado (D-Round Rock) is hosting a “transportation community forum” to take place just weeks before the election, and will welcome one of the state’s biggest tax hike proponents.

By |September 22, 2010
Property Tax Reform Starts At Home

This week some taxpayers can expect to be barraged with a stream of property tax hikes. Many of us frequently complain to our state lawmakers in Austin about property taxes, but yet fail to make our voices heard at home.

By |September 20, 2010