This week some taxpayers can expect to be barraged with a stream of property tax hikes. Many of us frequently complain to our state lawmakers in Austin about property taxes, but yet fail to make our voices heard at home.

In parts of Dallas County, taxpayers will “face a triple threat”, from city, county and school board tax adjustments.

It’s somewhat surprising these officials would move forward with their tax hikes, when the mood of taxpayers across the state heavily favor budget cuts over new taxes, certainly at the state level.

Some government officials are trying to downplay the money grab by suggesting falling appraisal values offset the tax hike. As if homeowners should be happy that their tax rate is going up while the value of their home is simultaneously going down.

That sounds like a great position to be in when it comes time to list your home for sale… Further, once the values do turn around and begin to increase, will these tax hikes be rescinded or lowered? Don’t hold your breath.

Just like state officials who can’t restrain spending in tough times, taxpayers need to hold spendthrift locally elected officials accountable as well.

Local government officials can make difficult budgetary decisions.

Municipalities in the more conservative leaning Collin County, much like central Texas’ Williamson County recently, decided to hold the line on taxes and defend taxpayers.

Doing right by the taxpayers can, and must, be done.