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Robert Pratt hosts the Pratt on Texas radio program and is an original contributor to Empower Texans and the Texas Scorecard. www.PrattonTexas.com

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Local officials fabricate claims about appraisal cap legislation

Since local government officials across the state are on a full-court press to prevent passage of property tax appraisal reform legislation, I think it important to press back. What is being claimed by either ignorant or dishonest city and county officials across Texas is shameful for its lack of truth. SB156 by Senator Nichols does […]

By |February 25, 2015
Texas Democratic Party as Student Council

One headline Tuesday night read “Blue Hopes Drowned by a Sea of Read”, another “Democrats fail miserably in attempt to turn Texas blue”. Yes, for the first time in this century Texas has a new governor and it is Greg Abbott. Big change or not? There will be a big change of culture and style […]

By |November 5, 2014
Why I’m voting “NO” on Proposition 1

I left out my thoughts on Texas Constitutional Amendment, Proposition 1, in my earlier election recommendations. Listener Club member Gary wrote to me “Do you have a recommendation on Proposition 1?   I am having trouble finding any information on it outside [my trade group]…  Any insight you have on this issue would be appreciated.” Kevin […]

By |October 21, 2014
Wendy Davis leapfrogging abortion to sympathy?

Fellow radio host Mark Davis, penned a column about Wendy Davis and her woe-is-me book she is out promoting as she runs for Texas governor. “As with every book of its type and timing, from Democrats and Republicans alike, every word is intended to make every reader think better of her. That means there is […]

By |September 10, 2014
Charles Perry handily wins SD28 seat, now to HD83

With a commanding lead in early voting numbers across the 51-county district, Pratt on Texas called the race for Charles Perry early Tuesday evening. Charles Perry handily bested his five competitors winning more than 53% of the vote with second-place finisher Jodey Arrington coming in at a distant 30%. The only self-professed Democrat in the […]

By |September 10, 2014