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Crux of Gov. Perry indictment begs credulity of the ignorant

If Texans set aside their credulity, as some are asking us to do, and take seriously the impartiality and legal purity of the special prosecutor in the case of Governor Rick Perry they will then be judging a rather odd interpretation of law related to an executive veto. The case, as brought to us through […]

By |August 18, 2014
Democrat is right, there is a difference with Hegar & the GOP

“Democratic comptroller nominee Mike Collier says GOP rival Glenn Hegar bragged to a tea party interviewer last year that he was proud of the Legislature’s 2011 budget cuts to public schools. Collier… said it’s “embarrassing and unacceptable” that Hegar “takes pride in cutting education.” “Hegar does not share our values…” said Collier according to the […]

By |August 11, 2014
What “they” have is no justification for local spending

  When children and adolescents come to mom and pop with the idea that they need something such as a newer smart phone, car, videogame, etc. with a prime argument being that such is necessary to them because others have similar, a good, decent and wise parent generally derides the suggestion and teaches that wanting […]

By |August 5, 2014
Conservatives win in Texas, that’s hardly a Tea Party takeover

What didn’t happen Tuesday night in the GOP runoffs: The Tea Party didn’t “takeover” Texas despite the Associated Press claiming such. An AP report that I actually first saw in the British press had a section titled: TEA PARTY TAKEOVER “The tea party still rules Texas. In an otherwise humbling election year for tea party […]

By |May 28, 2014
Beaumont ISD officials need friends like UT has in Austin

On Monday I brought listeners the news that the TEA had taken over scandal plagued Beaumont ISD. Jon Cassidy, writing at Watchdog.org, had a piece Tuesday that well documents just how bad the situation is and how even the Federal Department of Justice has played a role in blocking reforms at the district. “The state […]

By |April 15, 2014
Conservatives are the Texas GOP mainstream

It’s April Fool Day which leads many to ask: Isn’t everyday fools day these days? It certainly is in the Texas political press and the problem isn’t so much that certain writers are trying to fool you but that those writers are fools themselves because of their chosen ignorance about the Republican Party in Texas. […]

By |April 1, 2014
Sid Miller uniquely qualified to protect rural Texas

In the race for Texas Agricultural Commissioner I’ve endorsed former representative Sid Miller who makes a strong case related to water rights as to why agriculture needs a commissioner who knows his way around state government and the legislature. Sid served as chairman of the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee which oversees the Texas Department […]

By |February 26, 2014
Dan Branch: Recognized House non-conservative

I’ve mentioned often how Dan Branch, now running as a conservative’s conservative, has never been such and is well known in Austin as a non-conservative member of the House. I want to take a moment to remind you that such a characterization of Branch is not simply my opinion but a widely held view. In […]

By |February 25, 2014