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JPS Debt Plan Based on Faulty Assumptions

A myriad of unanswered questions still surround the $809 million debt plan proposed by JPS, the safety-net hospital network overseen by the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. The problem lies with the far-fetched financial forecast and dubious assumptions underlying the proposal. County Judge Glen Whitley (R) is considering rubber-stamping the plan in early August before the […]

By |July 23, 2015
Local Snapshots Encourage Public Debate, Accountability

As inconvenient as it might be to big-spenders and bureaucrats, the government data published in our Metroplex Bureau’s Local Government Snapshot analysis is encouraging a much needed public debate regarding the proper size and scope of local government. Worried that citizens might start asking pesky questions, local officials have responded by defensively seeking to distort […]

By |July 23, 2015
A Closer Look at Tax Reform

Property tax reform, while a wildly popular issue among Texans, has been largely dismissed by a Republican-led legislature. While much needed attention has finally been paid towards reducing the onerous business franchise tax, too little consideration has been given towards reducing the growth of property tax burdens on business. The property tax package advanced by […]

By |July 15, 2015