Dallas City Council To Vote On Further Smoking Restrictions

On November 19, Dallas City Council members will meet and vote on proposed new restrictions on the city’s smoking ordinance. This is the second time in half a decade that anti-smoking proposals have been brought before the council to be voted on. The fundamental problem with smoking bans is their infringement on the free market, and the rights of both business owners and consumers.

College Irresponsibility

Colleges students have been eager to complain about the rising cost of tuition, but students at the University of North Texas last week voted to hike their per-hour fees to pay for a new football field. Of course, they actually voted for a fee that won’t go into effect until at least the fall of 2011 – when most of them will be long gone.

Noriega: More Federal Spending Is Needed For Public Education

According to the Dallas Morning News, State Rep. Rick Noriega who is currently campaigning to take over John Cornyn’s senate seat believes that the Texas education system needs to be overhauled How does he want to achieve this overhaul? He wants to spend more of your tax dollars on the federal level.